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Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony Villa compound in Hanoi

Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony offers a thousand Luxurious Villa compound for rent including Semi-detached villa and Detached villa from 150m2 to over 1000m2 land area. There are fully furnished or unfurnished villa to rent is located in a cool space, designed with modern and feng shui, ecologically rich orchards, low-density building, the distance between the high villas, Create private space for each family. All Vinhomes Riverside villas are surrounded by rivers where residents can enjoy the pleasures of life. Fishing, wind and sightseeing every day. They’re all surrounded by an artificial canal system which got the idea from Venice – a beautiful and romantic city. These charming villas are designed with lush ecological gardens and low construction density. The master plan of the complex allows sufficient space between villas, preserving ample privacy for each homeowner. With the brilliant construction design, residents in Vinhomes Riverside can enjoy the morning breeze, sightseeing or family fishing days.

Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony is a self-contained eco-urban development offers residents a wide range of services and premium facilities such as 600,000 m2 of greeneries and lakes, Vincome Shopping Center, British International School, International standard swimming pools, Five-star standard gym and Indoor swimming pool, a modern mini Golf course etc… Furthermore, Residents of Vinhomes Riverside can enjoy the cleanest water source made from Vinhomes Water Purification System with International standards under strict control, which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Vietnam.

Vinhome Riverside Hanoi is one of the best locations for expat, offers hundred luxurious serviced residences to rent with flexible and realizable services in an extremely green and peaceful environment. Vinhome Riverside is located at the Northern East gateway of Hanoi, which is only 6.5km away from Hoan Kiem lake and very easy to access to the other keys District of Hanoi such as Hai Ba Trung District (via Vinh Tuy Bridge); Hoan Kiem, Tay Ho, Ba Dinh District (via Chuong Duong and Long Bien Bridge); Bac Tu Liem and Thanh Xuan District (via Thanh Tri Bridge); Dong Anh District and Noi Bai International Airport (via Dong Tru Bridge).

There are 05 main areas in Vinhomes Riverside: Hoa Sua, Anh Dao, Hoa Phuong, Hoa Lan, Bang Lang.

  • Bang Lang Area: it’s a residential area with the largest size of Semi- Detachedvillas in Vinhomes Riverside. It’s where the main office building of Vingroup is situated.
  • Hoa Sua Area: There are both semi-detached and detached villas in this area. It’s closed to Almaz and the Mini Golf course.
  • Hoa Lan Area: There are both semi-detached and detached villas in this area. It’s where the British International School is located.
  • Hoa Phuong Area: It’s closed to Almaz with semi-detached and detached villas.
  • Anh Dao Area: Most of the villas in Anh Dao are detached villas, without the canal system around. Some of the semi-detached villa surrounding the Anh Dao area has access to the river. 

Deserving the name “Land of Peace”, Vinhomes Riverside proudly offers residents a luxury lifestyle with comprehensive services, in a healthy, clean environment.



Villas in Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony are entitled to all facilities and services and enjoy the complete luxury lifestyle brought by Vinhomes 

  • Vinhome Shopping Malls is located right at the heart of the “Land of Peace”, is a modern 5-floor shopping center with 45,000 m2 of shopping area and stands out with a massive LED screen in the front, it offers all for your daily living.
  • Vinhome Riverside's food and entertainment complex: Almaz is known as Vingroup’s exclusive ultra-luxury food and entertainment complex. Located on a large area covering 2.5 hectares and designed by leading architects, Almaz is an ideal address for luxury events, shopping, entertainment activities as well as an F&B destination with gourmet cuisines from Vietnam, Japan, China and Europe. Featuring 5-star restaurants with talented international chefs, Almaz will soon become an attractive culinary address in Vietnam.
  • Vinhomes Health Club offers 5-Star Standard Health Club is well-equipped with advanced modern technology and offers effective therapy sessions and fitness programs, to bring residents an unforgettable experience. Vinhomes Riverside currently offers its residents 10 years of free membership.
  • Vinhomes Riverside Sports complex offers its residents a unique experience for active sports or gentle, relaxing strolls. The 5-star standard sport & entertainment complex comprises 2 football fields and 6 tennis courts. There are also two outdoor luxurious and well-equipped swimming pools covering over 4,500 m2 located in the Bang Lang and Hoa Sua Villas areas, and a 20-stall international-standard driving range covering 6,526 m2.
  • BBQ Garden covering an area of approximately 10,000sqm, the BBQ Garden at Vinhomes Riverside offers open outdoor dining in a comfortable space surrounded by rich greenery and nature. For the first time in Vietnam, one can enjoy BBQ, picnic, camping or community activities in a high-end ecological urban area.
  • SchoolThe BIS international school offers UK standard curriculum in all English instructions and Vinschool Kindergarten refines and combines the best practices of both local and international education systems, helping students build self-confidence and other personal qualities required for future success in the increasingly globalized environment while preserving Vietnamese traditions and culture.

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Villas in Vinhomes Riverside