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Apartments and Serviced Apartment For Rent in Cau Giay District Hanoi

Find a serviced apartment, penthouse or luxury apartments for rent in Cau Giay District Hanoi - Vietnam. We are working with all serviced or individual apartments in the Apartment Building complex in Cau Giay District. We are very knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods and homes all over Hanoi to help you through the whole process of negotiating a lease and getting set up with your new home rentals in Hanoi. We have extensive experience working with expat families. Our experience allows us the ability to negotiate contracts on your behalf to save you time and money to find the right home quickly and more efficiently.


About apartment in Cau Giay District Hanoi.

Cầu Giấy is an urban district of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The district is named after the historic bridge where the famous 19th-century Battle of Cầu Giấy was fought.


Many urban areas are located in Cau Giay district offer thousands of apartments for rent in Hanoi. Among them, Trung Hoà - Nhân Chính, Trung Yen, Dich Vong, Nghia Tan, Mai Dic, Yen Hoa etc emerges as the new city's commercial center lying partly in the southern part of the district. The massive Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, the highest constructed building of Vietnam, Green Park Tower at Yen Hoa Street, Richland Southern at 9A, 233 Xuan Thuy street, Trung Yen Plaza Tran Duy Hung road, Indochina Plaza at Xuan Thuy street is also located in this area.

Cau Giay District is a developed urban area located in the western part of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is home to many modern residential complexes, including apartments and serviced apartments for rent.

Apartments in Cau Giay District are usually high-rise buildings with various sizes and types of units, ranging from studio apartments to multi-bedroom apartments. These apartments are often unfurnished or partially furnished, and tenants are responsible for setting up their own utilities and internet services.

On the other hand, serviced apartments in Cau Giay District are fully furnished apartments that come with various services such as housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance. These apartments are ideal for expats, business travelers, or anyone who prefers a hassle-free living experience. Serviced apartments are typically more expensive than regular apartments, but they offer more amenities and conveniences.

In terms of pricing, the cost of renting an apartment or serviced apartment in Cau Giay District depends on various factors such as location, size, type of unit, and the level of amenities provided. It is advisable to do research and compare prices and amenities before making a decision.

Overall, apartments and serviced apartments for rent in Cau Giay District are suitable for anyone looking for a modern, convenient, and comfortable living experience in Hanoi, Vietnam.



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Apartments in Cau Giay