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Houses and Villas For Rent in Hanoi

Renting a house or villa in Hanoi gives you More Space and Comfort, Less Hassle, more rooms than rent apartments in Hanoi, and a yard of your own, but you won’t have to worry about maintenance or paying the mortgage. When something goes wrong – maybe the leaking or some equipment needs replacing — all you have to do is call your landlord, then kick back and relax.

Hanoi Real Estate Agency Making Your House Hunting Experience Easy and Convenient, Whether you're staying local or moving to Hanoi from other countries, We give you access to thousands of listings. You can narrow your search based on the criteria that are important to you, such as price, location, amenities, and more. Save time and money with free virtual tours that show you around, all while you’re sitting in your living room. Search as often as you like, because it's always free for renters. We want you to find the home that's right for you.

Our latest listing of available landed houses and villas for rent in Hanoi that comes with furnished or unfurnished will help you to find your perfect home to rent online easier, faster and more efficiently. By working with us, you can be sure you are dealing with an experienced and professional agent in Hanoi. We have personally assisted requests from thousands of clients and landlords seeking the find their ideal match in a property.

To saving your time and money in finding the right home at a reasonable price to fit your needs, you should give us all details of your requirements by answer some question: which location is convenient for, how many bedrooms, & bathroom, how much is your maximum price would you spending for the rent etc, then we will select and send you our listing of suitable houses via email for online visiting then we make a plan for showing that you have been selected. we help you to get the best deal, and avoid costly mistakes you have come to the right place. Let our experts find your dream home in Hanoi!

Notes: House or villa in Hanoi generally has more space to the apartment, It is comprised of from four to six bedrooms with a yard, terrace, rooftop, it has a small land area with 3 to 5 floors. It will be cheaper to rent the house if your family needs more space, more bedrooms and save your money for your living. Almost Houses are furnished or part furnished, it could be negotiated with the landlord to buy furniture if you are long-term stay.

Tips: where's a good place to live - Best expat living areas

Exploring Hanoi's Expat Living Areas: The Best Neighborhoods for Renting a House or Villa in Hanoi: There are many places where expats selected to living in Hanoi City such as City Center, Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Cau Giay, Hai Ba Trung, Thanh Xuan, Long Bien, My Dinh District etc. But to find a good house for the family, the two most popular expat living areas are Tay Ho District (Quang An, Xuan Dieu, To Ngoc Van, Ciputra International Hanoi) and Ciputra Hanoi: A Popular Choice for Expats Looking for a Safe and Quiet Living Environment

Ciputra is a closed and guarded residential area with lots of green space surrounding for children playing, it is so quiet and save location as well. Your neighbors will be very likely expats or Vietnamese families with high income. and there are several international schools as Singapore International School, United Nations International School Hanoi (UNIS Hanoi), HANOI ACADEMY - International Bilingual School, but there are a quite limited choice of minimarket, restaurants, bar supermarket or coffee shop but you can find it's nearby and is a bit far from the center ( 5km). To know more about price, facilities, location, view our listing of apartments in Ciputra Hanoi to get your experience. all house rentals in Ciputra belong to Landlord, it looks quite similar from the outside but different type, layout, furnishing garden etc so you will have more choice.

There is another favorite area that most expat select to living as their better home in Tay Ho areas - Quang An, Xuan Dieu area where you can find spacious Villas and houses with a beautiful view of West lake, modern style, french style, with furnished or unfurnished. There are many restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops, Vietnamese Market and other amenities for foreigners and the location is closer to Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh District - the center of Hanoi. However, security might not be as good as Ciputra because you will live in a regular residential area. There is no 24h security as Ciputra but it is best to save areas to compare with other districts. For the Cost, It is depending on the quality of the house, land areas, furnishing etc, the Lake view houses would be more expensive, to know more, should you please view our listing of house rentals in Tay Ho and get your experience!

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