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4 Tips to winning rental property in Hanoi

Updated: 14/3/2017 | 11:36:57 AM

4 simple tips for a winning rental property in Hanoi, Searching online to select property, send enquire, Schedule your time for Viewing, Select and negotiating, Pay Deposit ...

4 tips for a winning rental property in Hanoi

The rental market in Hanoi are grow up on 2017, there are more high end apartments and houses buiding up and more expats moving to Hanoi  as well. Depending on where you live and what your budget is, the rental market in Hanoi can be pretty intense.

In Hanoi-Vietnam, One property will work with many agents and the price are asking by landlord - not agent, but the rent can be freely negotiated by both parties, you should go through agent because they know how to get a better price and deals. The rent is usually fixed for the duration of the lease term, typically 1 to 2 years. Rents are paid well in advance nomally 3months or 6 months plus one month deposit and interest is charged on late payments.

Here are eight things to consider when submitting a rental application.

  1. Searching online: Save time & apply online

Searching online: Type keyword “Hanoi Real Estate Agency, houses for rent in hanoi or any other keywords that relate to what you are looking for” into Google and a handful of reputable sites will come up. with many listings can be found on more than one site and it has useful function for you, you can select many property send us by one email, incase you are not found what you need, just send us your required, we will help you to make a sortlist of potential properties for you to have look online and you will select which one you would like to have look. Then we may suggest you to other better one in the market if by our experience. It could be the best solution to save your time and money to find you dream home.

  1. Schedule your time for Viewing with Agent

After you have short-listing of potential properties would like to have look, Just arrange your convenient time and place to meet, Agent can pick you up at you place as well. you should writing a note about all property you see to remember all advantage and disadvantage of the house rentals and get a best deals, this will help you to select the best one

  1. Select your best suitable property and negotiating.

As you may know, the rent can be freely negotiated by both parties and furniture as well. If you need more furniture the rent may raising. You can ask the landlord to provide more furniture, renovate the house, repainting the wall or any requires. Agent will help you to negotiate with the landlord for the best price by their experience.

  1. Pay Deposit and the rent

Most landlord require that you pay a deposit equaling one month’s rent deposit in order to save the house for you (The deposit should be paid soon as possible because they are only keep the houses for you when they are already get your deposit. The landlord will agree to rent  apartment or house to other if they pay deposit before you). You can ask the agent exactly how much you will need to pay for saving the house before paying full one month deposit and signing the contract, The deposit will be keep by the landlord untill you finishing the contract, plus three months (quarterly) rent in advance are nomally when you move in and to continue paying quarterly rent payments for the duration of your lease.  If you can pay longer in advance as sixmonths or 12 months, the landlord will decrease the rent for you.

  1. Prepair Contract

Agent will send you and the landlord the draft contract of lease in both English and Vienammese language, then you should read carefull to understand and change some iterms if need, the landlord may need to keep 2 versions one for him and other for Tax payment. You will have to give the landlord copies of visa and passport of all people will living in the house for residence registration.